President’s Message


I am excited to announce the formation of a Programming Committee. Its members are: Dimitra Giannakoulias, Jacob Saiki and Helen Spector.

The Programming Committee is planning next year's events beginning in September 2018. If you have ideas or want to help, please reach out to them. Here are their email addresses:,,

In addition, the current board members — myself, Tom Robertson, Glen Fahs, Kelsey Klein and Helen Spector -- have agreed to stand for election for one more year term. You will be receiving more information on the nomination and voting process next month. If you are interested in serving on the board, please let me know. Even if present board members are re-elected, there is room for additional members.

Lastly, here’s a reminder for our next event on April 24. Emily Logan and Ginny Sorensen will lead us in an interactive session on the origins of Organization Development, how its values, theories and practices have evolved over time, and how we find those values, theories and practices supporting the work we do today. You can RSVP through Eventbrite.

Best regards,

ODN Oregon

Jathan Janove, President,
Tom Robertson, Secretary/Treasurer,
Glen Fahs,
Kelsey Kline,
Helen Spector,